Autumn Abundance


Autumn Greetings to you,

This time of year is one of my favourites, with the cooler mornings followed by bright sunny days. Trees shedding there leaves as they fall to the ground.

Now with daylight saving finishing , natural rythyms are returning with a need for a more restorative approach as the cooler months arrive.
One can not help but think about open fires and with the abundance of chestnuts and harvested fruits available it really is a time of nourishing ourselves to balance busy schedules and commitments.


Taking the time and care to maintain holistic wellbeing for ourselves is  essential for growth and happiness.

Simple routines of starting the day connected , breathing increasing oxygen levels is both calming and helps to still the mind.

Preparing good nourishing dense food , making sure you get enough sleep and sleeping deeply this can be acheived by relaxing before bed, with a warm bath , herbal teas and medicinal plants such as hops, passionflower, valerian, lemon balm and lavender all help to reinstate a natural sound sleep pattern.

Mental , emotional wellbeing is an important part of holistic wellness. Our thought processes and emotions are all interconnected. Support your physical health by bringing through positive attitudes and working through any discordant energies such as anger, greif or sadness. Practicing grattitude for all that we have in our lives is an important key to abundance and vitality.

I am enjoying reconnecting with clients from past and present with the launch of Regenesis Design.

The stories that you have  shared with me are inspiring and confirmation that this way of working is both vital and needed across all disciplines and through into our own lives , homes and work spaces.

I look forward to continue sharing with you as we embark on this journey of discovery and reconnection together.


In the mean time keep those home fires burning ……….

Warmest regards,