About us

We design beautiful and functional environments that uphold,
nurture and strengthen human well-being.

At Regenesis Design, we aim to create inspiring, innovative spaces that become an extension of our clients’ values, needs and aspirations: living and working environments that surpass the mundane and nurture lasting wellbeing.


It is our commitment to engage in phasing out harmful practices in the built environment and to introduce regenerative alternatives that acknowledge the symbiotic relationship inherent within the natural living environment.

Our holistic process

We believe that design is able to go beyond beauty and functionality through holistic approach, the thorough understanding of the whole and not just a part of a given challenge.


We explore underlying systems and layers to identify current or potential patterns that could be affecting people in their work or living environment, and integrate this into the design process.


Working in this way enables a deeper connection between the person, the space, the environment and the world at large.  A holistic design approach bears the full potential to create a healthy place for people to thrive in, to minimise the environmental footprint, reduce costs and build a better future for us all.

Hookham – Kraft

Amanda is an interior designer, dedicated mother and plant-medicine practitioner……..

Oliver Kraft

Oliver is a hands-on design professional, with a background in design education, film making and jazz …

Regenesis Design gratefully acknowledges the mentorship and work of :
First Light Flower Essences of New Zealand, Regenesis Group and Universal images by Joseph Michael on this website.