Sale Street

This project was unique, not only because we were our own client, but because the space was part of a beautiful historical brick building with interesting provenance, located in Auckland’s CBD.


The backbone of the building was strong and retained with features such as huge structural beams of Kauri, Macrocarpa ceilings, and clay brick walls.


The space, a former industrial warehouse, had been used for living and working before we aquired it, and we had the opportunity to completely renovate and redesign it for our own mixed-use requirements.


We equipped the original industrial lamps with warm bulbs for an atmospheric night-lighting solution. To compensate for the lack of natural light, we installed dimmable day-light simulated cove lighting.


All internal walls, except for the elevated bedroom, were removed to make space for a huge open plan layout. A large amount of custom designed, locally built storage was installed. A handmade wooden ladder enabled access to higher cupboards, maximizing the use of the entire wall height.


The storage area doubled as a guestroom with a pull-down bed and a suprising design element: a guest bathroom that was only accessible through one of the wardrobe doors.


A custom designed kitchen that integrated laundry space and extra storage was installed onto one wall. This area was able to be  converted, even after a meal, into a representable, uncluttered meeting area in a matter of minutes. This was achieved by big folding doors on rails enclosing the kitchen/laundry wall. The finish of dark stained, cross-cut Oak was specified to harmonize with the oiled NZ grown Oak floors and the textured brick walls.






Roberto Buzzolan


August 3, 2017