Kaukapakapa Home

Well-being was at the forefront of this design project. Due to health conditions, our client, a young family with three children, had decided to build a healthier home away from the city.


The land was found in a rural area with clean air and open spaces. We were brought into the process at an early stage, to start working off the plans.


The context of an improved healthier living environment was the foundation for all design decisions such as the specification of paint, lighting, finishes, materials and appliances. The spatial design was kept light and uncluttered. The installation of the clients own art work combined with specified custom designed furniture was inspired by our client’s preference for organic forms and love of colour. Their placement a harmonious composition within the natural and built environment.


Through our collaboration with trade professionals and craftsmen, we were able to co-create a home that is breathable, and where our clients live healthily and in harmony with the environment.




Roberto Buzzolan


October 7, 2013